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US, OK - Broken Arrow
Annual Renewal Completed 2024
CPR & First Aid Certified: Active

Vanessa has been a physical therapist since 2006 and has a love of human movement and a passion for exploring and refining movement so it is accessible to everyone.  She began her journey into the world of aerial/circus arts in 2014 and instantly fell in love with the art form and the ways the human body could move and flow.


Throughout the years, she has explored aerial silks, lyra, static and dance trapeze, sling/hammock, and Spanish web. Along the way, she reached a plateau with her own mobility and found The Kintortion Method and Bendy Anya to help her out. She began working with Anya in 2019 and became instantly impressed with this new art form and way of moving.


In January 2021, she had the opportunity to begin Level 1 Kintortion Teacher Training. Since finishing training, Vanessa is hoping to bring a fusion of physical therapy, aerial, and contortion to beginners and professionals alike. She loves being able to bring movement to its actual foundations and build from a solid foundation to prepare the body for the unique skills and tricks the body needs to perform in a safe and fun way.


She enjoys the challenge of working with all people and helping them find their body’s personal foundation necessary to successfully perform basic to dynamic movements safely and efficiently. The key is to make to movement look smooth and effortless, knowing it is anything but, through proper muscle engagement and activation which comes with an inner strength and stability.

Vanessa also comes from a background of 12 years of dance, an initial career as a Special Education Teacher, a Pilates instructor since 2016, weekly private yoga sessions, and continues to take private contortion classes for herself. 

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