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At Kintortion, we prioritize the continuous growth and proficiency of our instructors in teaching methodologies and business practices within the fitness industry. The annual renewals are designed to ensure that our instructors stay well-informed and up-to-date, enabling them to provide the highest level of training.

As part of the renewal process, each instructor is granted a 2-hour credit toward private meetings. This personalized session offers an opportunity to delve into various subjects that are directly relevant to teaching and the intricacies of the fitness business. We believe that these discussions contribute to the ongoing professional development of our instructors, fostering excellence in their instruction.

We place great emphasis on safety in our training programs. Instructors are required to maintain active CPR and First Aid certifications, as we prioritize the well-being and security of our students. Therefore, during each renewal process, instructors are requested to provide proof of their current and valid CPR and First Aid certifications.

To facilitate these valuable renewals and ensure smooth administrative processes, there is a certification renewal fee of $200 USD. This fee covers the expenses associated with administration, private meetings, and maintaining accurate certification records. 



To renew, please take the time filling out the information below.

Thank you for your renewal!

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