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Schedule a private session with Kintortion Founder Anya Shevelyuk. There are absolutely no prerequisites to sign up. Begin by making a list of goals you want to work toward. These may be general such as increasing range of motion, improving strength, endurance and control to more specific goals such as poses and transitions for sequencing.

Be prepared to feel stronger and move better while learning about the anatomy and physiology of the human body.


1 session per term $120 USD
2 sessions per term $200 USD
4 sessions per term $340 USD

Paypal Transfer Fees not included
in the prices listed above.

Cancelation Policy: Due to limited availability,
there are no refund or reschedule options under
any circumstance.

Training Online


This program is designed for individuals who need more freedom in their training schedule. Participants will learn a variety of sequential exercises through visual instructional videos.

Each individual program is composed of 8-10 flexibility exercises that are personally customized to the individuals current skills and goals. All submissions must be sent via email with links to the homework videos for review.

Submit Current Level Photos (if applicable)

- Front Splits

- Straddle Splits

- Middle Splits

- Extended Puppy Pose (eyes looking forward)

- Cobra (hands near hips to arch back)

- Bow Pose (thumbs pointing upward)

- Bridge (on hands and feet)


$480 USD 8 Submissions (1 Program)

- Homework submissions due every other 

week, over the course of 16 weeks

$880 USD 16 Submissions (2 Programs)

- Homework submissions due every other

week, over the course of 32 weeks


$1,080 USD 24 Submissions  (3 Programs)

- Homework submissions due every other week

over the course of 48 weeks

Homework Program


Thank you for your application!

Training Application
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