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Timi is a flexibility coach based in Budapest, Europe. Her passion towards flexibility started while training and competing in pole sports (since 2011).


She wanted to take her knowledge and skills to the next level, so she started to train with Bendy Anya in March 2019. She loved Anya's approach and technique and there was no question for her to participate in the newly launched Kintortion Teacher Training Program. 

Originally working as a production manager, Timi left her office job in 2018 and works as a trainer ever since. Her mission is to change people's mind about flexibility and help them develop higher mobility skills in a safe way.


She is trained in pilates and is an EU-certified personal trainer. She spends her free time hiking and training her little helper and guard, Bono (a Bichon Frisé doggy). 

HU, Budapest
Annual Renewal Completed 2024
CPR & First Aid Certified: Active

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