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US, CA - San Jose
Annual Renewal Completed 2024
CPR & First Aid Certified: Active

Rissa is a NASM-CPT, flexibility, and heels dance instructor at Revel Room Studios and a coach at Orangetheory Fitness. She has been teaching since 2019 and spends almost all of her free time working on contortion, hand balancing, and dance. Prior to her personal training work, she was also a certified water safety instructor.

Rissa started training her flexibility in 2018 shortly after experiencing a herniated disc and pinched nerves from a weightlifting injury in order to regain her strength. In May 2019, she began training in the Kintortion homework program. When the pandemic hit in 2020, Rissa began contortion training with Serchmaa Byamba and has performed in multiple pole, aerial, and flexibility showcases at the local pole and aerial studios.

Prior to becoming a full-time fitness coach, Rissa studied math and sustainable energy and worked as a battery research engineer in the Bay Area. Through her experience working out with coworkers and from her own previous injuries, she developed a greater appreciation for mobility and stability work. She hopes to continue spreading awareness and knowledge to her students, friends, and family.

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