Professional vs Amateur

Updated: May 22, 2019

How do you tell the difference between a professional coach, an amateur coach and someone who should not be a coach YET?

First off I want to say a "certification" does not necessarily mean qualified! Being a qualified professional means years... not 1 or 2, but SEVERAL years of studying, trial and error testing and executing with good technique the subjects they are teaching/performing. Would you allow a surgeon to cut you open if they were not sure what tool to use? Would you allow a doctor prescribe you a medicine that they don't know the risks of yet?

And secondly, just because someone is able to execute something beautifully, doesn't mean they can teach or explain how to perform said task. Be wary of people that say, "just do it". If they cannot break it down into parts, they don't know how to help YOU!

Things to research and questions to ask:

· What is this coaches personal training background?

· Can they, or have they ever been able to execute any of the things you are looking to learn?

· Do they understand the physiology and anatomy of what they are teaching?

· Can they break down movements, poses and tricks into segments?

· Do they have their own special teaching technique that fits to what you are looking for?

· Are they recommended and sought out internationally?

· How long has the person been working in this field professionally?

· Are their prices industry standard or are they always offering discounts?

· What is their student retention rate?

· What do their currently students have to say about them?

· Have they worked with other performers?

· Do they still train on their own?

· Do they continue their education to learn new techniques/methods?

· Are they teaching in a physically and mentally safe environment?

· Do they listen to your needs and concerns?

· Is their feedback helpful and understandable?

· Do they give useful constructive criticism?

· Do you get along well (vibe) with them?

· Do they speak well of others in their field?

Do not be afraid to do your research. Always know who you are working with. You only have one body, so don't let someone else F*** it up!

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