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JANUARY 11TH - MAY 2ND, 2026

JANUARY 10TH - MAY 1ST, 2027

KINTORTION  LEVEL  8  (220 hours)

16 Week Teacher Training (Pre-recorded) Online Course

Pre-req: Must be in good standing with KTT LV1 -7 certifications.


  • $25 USD Application Fee

Jan 11th - May 2nd, 2026 Course Payment:

  • Early Bird Payment: $5,500 USD (Due by Oct 15th, 2025)

  • Standard Payment: $5,750 USD (Due by Dec 1st, 2025)

  • Rush Payment: $6,000 USD (Due by Dec 15th, 2025)

Jan 10th - May 1st, 2027 Course Payment:

  • Early Bird Payment: $5,500 USD (Due by Oct 15th, 2026)

  • Standard Payment: $5,750 USD (Due by Dec 1st, 2026)

  • Rush Payment: $6,000 USD (Due by Dec 15th, 2026)

Kintortion Level 8 Course Covers:​

  • 170 Page Digital Kintortion Educator Level 4 Manual: Class Sequence Ideas & Step by Step Exercise Breakdown.

  • 351 Page Business & Professional Communication Textbook (purchase online)

  • 60 Demonstration Videos: Advanced Level Exercises for Dynamic Ground & Standing Split Sequences, Dynamic Backbend Sequences and Dynamic Backbend/Inversion Combinations..

  • 5 Pre-Scheduled Meeting with Instructor: Q & A

  • Daily Assignments & 1 Final Exam

Kintortion Educator LV8 Future Opportunities:​

  • Lifelong mentor support for all educators

  • Promotional social media marketing

  • Create & distribute tutorials via Kintortion platform

  • Expand your Online Class Platform

  • Teach Exclusive Online Workshops through Kintortion

  • Become a Master Educator & certify KTT participants

  • Franchise with Kintortion and run your own business



Since information is forever changing we expect our instructors to stay on top of their education as the fitness industry continues to develop and expand. To be included to the Kintortion Educators page requires annual meetings to answer any questions or concerns that may have arisen throughout the past year pertaining to the course outline. You may schedule your meeting at anytime of the year and may even divide your time into four 30 minute segments. If necessary, we may also conduct these meeting via email for those who is unable to meet through video calls.

Annual Payment $200 USD

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