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Need some guidance in structuring your flexibility training routine? Or just want to know where to start? Try out this NEW training course focused on helping you get organized and educated in the art and science of flexibility.

Flexibility Fundamentals is a 5 week training course designed for you to gain foundational understanding of each individual skill. Every session will discuss the anatomy and physiology behind each movement and position. With group instruction you will learn skill-specific warm ups and progressive exercises to help extend and bend your body using isolation and leverage techniques.


Each 1.5 hour session is a visually guided session designed for you to watch, analyze, and repeat. Detailed explanation along with extra verbal cue's will be provided for each exercise. Questions are welcome during and after each lesson. Although these sessions are geared toward Intermediate students, all flexibility levels are welcome to join in to learn and adjust the movements as needed.


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Each Session Held at 8:30am PST


Week 1

Front Splits: August 31st

Bridge: September 4th

Week 2

Straddle Split: September 7th

Forearm Bridge: September 11th

Week 3

Middle Split: September 14th

Cobra: September 18th

Week 4

Standing Split: September 21st

Split Backbend: September 25th

Week 5

Forearm & HandstandSept 28th

Cheststand: October 2nd


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Items to have on hand for all Split Sessions:

  • Non Stretch Yoga Mat

  • 4+ Firm Yoga Blocks

  • Sturdy Chair

  • Large Loop Resistance Band

  • Mini Loop Resistance Bands

Items to have on hand for all Backbend Sessions:


  • Non Stretch Yoga Mat

  • 3+ Firm Yoga Blocks

  • Sturdy Chair

  • Soft Round Weight (2kg or 4lbs)

  • Large Loop Resistance Band

  • Mini Loop Resistance Bands



To reserve please click on the button below to send payment. After July 31st price increases to double amount. 


Upon reserving your place in the course via PayPal payment, please EMAIL a copy of your receipt immediately.


A follow up response will then be sent out within 48 hours with information about attending your sessions on ZOOM.

Cancelation Policy: All payments much be submitted no later than 24hours prior to class start time. Reservations made less than 24 hours will be invalid, unless previously approved and agreed upon via email. Due to limited availability, there are no refund or reschedule options under any circumstance.

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