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By Anya Shevelyuk


Kintortion is the key standard to flexibility training from beginner mobility to contortion level movements. Our methodology is sourced from the study of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology.


Kintortion is aimed to improve mobility, strength, and endurance through a series of exercises. Understanding body mechanics provides the knowledge and confidence needed to gain flexibility.  

Trainin Approach




Kintortion focuses on building mobility strength through repetition. Emphasizing sequential steps for each exercise increases awareness of physical alignment, concentration and breathing rate. This combination is essential for executing the exercises effectively to increase motor control and reduce stress.



Kintortion is a training method that increases flexibility while improving body awareness, reducing pain and enhancing the quality and longevity of movement. Exercises can all be performed easily and safely from the comforts of home or while traveling, with a variety of easily stored items.



Kintortion builds flexibility using ones own strength. The muscular system is designed to contract the muscles on one side of the body to elongate the opposing side muscles. Applying this method when training increasing the body’s ability to calculate and judge the gradual increase of flexion and extension in a variety of positions. 




Kintortion exercises aid in developing range of motion strength. The stronger the muscles are, the more confident and capable we will become when moving, and hold positions. The weaker the muscles are, the tighter they may become to protect the body from overloaded external force which could lead to tissue damage. 




A body that uses its own strength to gain any level of mobility is less likely to be injured. You will be in total control of creating and emphasizing every movement from the leverage you develop inside of the body while keeping the mind, muscles and joints healthy for a lifetime of movement.



Kintortion has established a standard for several succeeding training levels. Each level has specific exercises to help prepare you for the next level. This helps both teachers and students gain a better understanding of the steps and strength requirements before moving on to the next level.



Organizing exercises into several specific levels gives a reference of what end goals are to be met, what can be improved, and what to excel in before graduating to the next level. This systematic breakdown gives a clear outline of what is expected from each teaching and training level. There will be no more wondering what level an exercise fits into and if you are truly ready for the next challenge.




Kintortion is an exercise system developed for adults. Modifications can be made to accommodate individual’s specific needs. These adjustments allow the body to move more effectively which is vital for injury prevention, movement performance, and overall health regardless of training level. Kintortion is designed for absolute beginner flexibility levels up to contortion level movements.

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